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Chapter One Page 20
Chapter One Page 20

Steele Phire, a young dragon, is sent into the human world to investigate their progress. Instead of a simple trip there and back, he is chased from one end of the world to the other by an assortment of strange characters. His only friend a dragonslayer, and every question he asks going unanswered, he has to find his own path and survive in a world that seems like everyone is out to kill him.


June 24th, 2013, 9:00 am


Back in business!

SO!! The comic is back!!! 8D Hopefully I'll be able to upload a page each week, possibly even two pages a week!!! Hopefully we'll move from the prologue to the very first chapter, which I am VERY excited for!!!

Thanks for sticking with me! And feel free to ask me anything about the comic or my artwork on here or on my DeviantART account ( )!!! ^_^ Thanks!!!


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